AcadAlly is designed to support school leaders as they take strategic decisions

School Leaders

Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality
– Warren G. Bennis.

AcadAlly understands that a school leader’s job is so much more than managing a school and at the heart, is the school leader’s unwavering focus on improving student achievement.

The school leader’s web app helps the principal to:​

The School Leader's Web App

AcadAlly’s School Leader’s web app gives you an eagle’s eye view of the learning performance in your school.


Student progress: View the performance of students in different classes, sections and subjects. Teacher progress: See how a teacher is performing across the numerous classes and subjects. Topics: Get an idea about topics, concepts and hard spots that your students are finding difficult to understand.


Easy to understand reports that help you to plan for the next steps that need to be taken by students, teachers and experts.

Training Needs Analysis

Our powerful AI helps you to make strategic decisions about the training needs of your teachers by analysing student and teacher performance.

Teaching Status

Understand whether teachers are going as per the planned syllabus.

Class stories

See the beautiful teachable moments that have been captured during classroom activities


Get different notifications from the parents, teachers and students about their performance. Get updates from AcadAlly about the latest news and announcements


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